Sunday, May 04, 2008

Retail Therapy

• A pair of denim shorts (so depressingly big they look like the flag of a small country)

• A pair of lightweight blue slacks

• A pair of lightweight black slacks

• Good Skin All-Firm Moisturizer

• Set of multi-colored striped sheets

• A pair of teeny-tiny lavender onesies (a former coworker is awaiting the birth of a little girl)

All for $121.99

Between sale prices and my special discount for being a cardholder, I saved 61%.

Everything I bought I needed (note how I avoided the sunglasses), and everything was a bargain. I'm not in looooove with any of these purchases, but I do find my discipline and frugality satisfying.

To exercise discipline and frugality, you don't wander the aisles at Nordstrom or Carson's. To impress yourself with your self-control and your good money-sense, you gotta go to Kohl's.

Emphysema with a pneumonia chaser

Chronic cough, shortness of breath, weight loss, reduced lung function = Emphysema. Add the fever and fatigue of pneumonia, and you have my very sick mother.

It's not that I'm HAPPY about this diagnosis. I'd prefer that she not be sick at all. I'd be happier if she were at home, enjoying her garden and caring for her cats, Lucy and Ethel.

But I'm very grateful it's not lung cancer.

She has to stay in the hospital at least through Tuesday morning. I'm staying with her on her first night home. I want to make sure she's safe and comfortable. I also want to familiarize myself with her inhaler and her oxygen. And get her doctor's phone number. My kid sister met him and he said he was prepared to answer any questions she may have. She didn't have any. I, however, am the other daughter and I have lots of questions for him.

As serious as this is, though, I remain very grateful it's not lung cancer.