Sunday, June 08, 2008

Way to go, Woody!

Jason Marquis got the win, but Kerry Wood got the save tonight in LA. He started a little slow this season, and there were some (but never, ever this gal) who questioned whether he could successfully move from starter to closer. He's a proud pro with something to prove, and he works hard at proving it every time he picks up that glove. I just love watching him!

Not happy here!

If I haven't been moving a lot, my left heel hurts when I stand up. I know what this means.


Aka "heel spurs." Caused by my having incredibly flat feet. I battled it once before, in the summer of 1999. In those days, a combination of cortisone shots and ultrasound therapy was required. Since then I have sworn off heels altogether and in warm weather wear only Birkenstocks or other sandals with reinforced heels.

I hope that I've caught it early enough that I can treat it on my own with Advil, ice and calf exercises. If not, I predict that this summer, a very grumpy gal will be spending way too much time reading back issues of Redbook in her podiatrist's office.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

I checked at and my best friend's birthday gift arrived at his house yesterday! I believe he and his family were already gone for the weekend, so it will be there when he returns tonight. His actual birthday is Thursday, and I hope he waits to open it, but I also didn't want him to think I'd forgotten.

This book should be great for him because (1) he appreciates good hootch and (2) his neighbors in Boulder are also Austin transplants and this should help him entertain, and help the two couples to bond. I know he's been more than a little lonely out there. I am hoping the husband of this couple will be his "bromance."

I also have a personalized cutting board, a cookbook and a chef's mitt that's covered with yellow signs that read, "CAUTION! Men cooking." But that stuff was too big to mail. He has to come to town to get those.

I love birthdays!

Is it OK if I never move from this spot?

It's already hot and humid outside, but in here it's 75 glorious, climate-controlled degrees. USA is running back-to-back episodes of Law & Order: SVU and I love watching Elliott and Olivia solve crimes and resist falling in love. I have a strong urge to never, ever move from this spot on the sofa.

I must take a shower, of course. And I should go to CVS to pick up my prescription and a six pack (there's only one can of brew in the frig -- more will be needed for the Cubs/Dodgers game tonight at 7:00). And I promised, PROMISED myself I'd do my floor exercises on those summer days (like this one) when it's too hot, too humid, or too stormy to go out for my 10,000 steps.

But it is Sunday, the day of rest. I wouldn't want to overdo it. So yes, shower (no, make that a bubble bath) … beer run … leg lifts and Elliott and Olivia sounds about right. I can accomplish all that.