Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #87 -- 13 sweet pals I miss dearly


I miss you guys! Most of all at about 2:00 in the afternoon.

As part of my self-proclaimed September Fitness Month, I have tried to work out more, eat better, and live without candy altogether. It’s been harder than I thought it would be. While I have only fallen off the wagon once – and since it was while at the movies, I’m not sure it should count – I find that I constantly want to go to the vending machine and grab one of these economically priced, readily available, always dependable sugar fixes.

1) Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds
2) Butterfinger
3) Three Musketeers
4) Hershey’s Special Dark
5) York Peppermint Patties
6) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
7) Peanut M&M’s
8) Mary Janes
9) Bit o’ Honey
10) Tootsie Rolls
11) Sno-caps (but only at the movies)
12) Twizzlers (see above)
13) Starburst (original flavor only)

If you had to give up candy, which would you miss most? Include your answer in comments and I’ll add you here:

1. Kwizgiver can't "divorce herself from any yummies"
2. Poor Anthony North has had to give up all sweets!
3. Malcolm is a fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
4. Hootin' Ani would miss Butterfingers most of all
5. SJR prefers Godiva Truffles
6. Nicole Austin would "go crazy" without Dove Dark Chocolate
7. Jenny McB would miss jelly beans and Mike & Ike
8. Sandy's cravings depend on the day -- and she bounces between fruity and chocolatey
9. Shannon is a woman of definite taste -- CHOCOLATE
10. DK votes for dark chocolate
11. Megan is saving a candy bar for me
12. Yen is a dark chocolate lover
13. Likewise, Adelle would long for chocolate14. Meju would miss jelly beans
15. Lori is inclusive -- practically the whole list got her mouth watering
16. Journeywoman prefers Milky Ways or Life Saver Fruit Chews
17. Tammy keeps dark chocolate stashed away
18. Popping Bubbles is with me on Bit o' Honeys
19. Meg would miss Sour Patch Kids
20. Qtpies7 would AGONIZE over the loss of Hershey's Symphony Bars!
21. Yummy would miss Gummy Worms/Bears
22. Siteseer is a fan of peppermint patties.
23. Debbie goes for Peanut Butter Cups
24. Starrlight couldn't live without Twix

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A new meme! Wednesday Weirdness

Well, at least it's new to me. Here goes.

1. Would you rather join the Ghostbusters to hunt ghosts or join the Sesame Street bunch? Why? Oh, Sesame Street! I like Mr. Noodle, and Cookie Monster, and Dorothy the Goldfish.

2. What is the most you are willing to do to get out of a police officer giving you a ticket? Just give me the damn ticket and let me be on my way. (Of course, it should be noted I haven't driven since the Reagan Administration, which is why I'm not worried about having too many moving violations, watching my insurance rates go up, and maybe even losing my license.)

3. What popular movies do you find to be overrated? Brokeback Mountain!

4. What is in (and/or on) your bedside table? Two alarm clocks. Amazingly, I manage to be late for work every day anyway.

5. Have you ever had or fantasized about having sex with a boss before? Have you ever acted on that fantasy? Yes, my former boss Ed because when we worked together I sensed he found me attractive so I wondered what it would be like. And no.

6. If you had a personal assistant, what would you have them do? Take care of my mail, my photo albums, my insurance claims and tax stuff ... you know, the paper that seems to have taken over my home.

7. Have you ever faked static, loss of cell phone reception or anything else on the telephone line to get out of a conversation? No. But I did pretend my answering machine was broken (back in the days before voicemail) to get out of returning a call. Does that count?

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