Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Today would have been her birthday

#47, I believe. I wonder what a middle-aged Princess Diana would be doing. Charity work, for sure. Perhaps interfering with her sons' love lives. I don't think she would encourage them to marry as young as she did, nor to wait as long as their father did. I wonder how she would have felt about Harry's combat service. I'd like to think that she would have remarried … to JFK, Jr. and they would both still be alive today, causing unparalleled tabloid frenzy wherever they went. I guess the little girl in me still wants to believe in princesses, Camelot and happily ever after.

Tuesday Tunes #4

A little fun 4th of July style:
Make a mix of at least 10 songs w/or without art that sum up Independence Day for you.

Dialogue -- Chicago ("We can make it happen, yeah! We can make it happen!" Always love this song, especially now.)
No Surrender -- Bruce Springsteen
Little Pink Houses -- John Mellencamp
If I Can Dream -- Elvis
This Land Is Your Land -- Bruce Springsteen
Blowin' in the Wind -- Bob Dylan
The Horse -- Originally by Cliff Knobles, but I love hearing it at the 4th of July parade by a school marching band
America, The Beautiful
America ("of thee I sing")
The Star-Spangled Banner (as sung by the crowd at any sporting event)

To play along, or compare your responses to everyone else's, click here.

Go, Cubs, Go!

Our four-game slide -- longest of the season! -- is over. Ted Lilly went more than 8 innings, Mark DeRosa got a grand slam, and a fine time was had by all. At least all who were in attendance tonight. Three stars, Ramirez (paternity leave) and Zambrano (injury) and Soriano (injury), were not able to enjoy San Fran's hospitality along with their teammates. The first two will be back soon, and hopefully the last 7 days with those icky 4 consecutive losses will be nothing more than a bad memory in no time at all.

"The dark days are gone and the bright days are here ..."