Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Hero!

Yesterday, when I got home from work, it was obvious that my through-the-wall air conditioner wasn't working well. It was really just a 10,000 BTU fan. I called around and was told by most HVAC services that they only repair central systems. AARGH!

I didn't want to just buy a new one. First, replacing it would cost $575. Secondly, I didn't believe THAT MUCH was wrong with it -- it's only about 3 years old and the motor was clearly still OK. And lastly, buying a new one and having it installed would take at least a week and a day off work and dammit, it's hot in here!

One of the very last listings in the Yellow Pages was for a service that also repaired window and through-the-wall units. The guy who answered was soooo rude and abrupt. He was, however, willing to come over the next morning (today, Saturday), pick it up, service it and have it reinstalled the same day. I was suffering, so I took Mr. Rude up on it.

He was 2 hours late getting here. I called his cell to confirm that we were indeed on and he said, "yeah, uh-huh," as though nothing was amiss. No apology, no explanation. I was really starting to dislike him.

Then I met him. Very polite, very patient with his young apprentice, and not bad looking. While we were chatting, it was obvious that he was squeezing me in among his regularly scheduled jobs because he knew how uncomfortable weather like this can be. He's really a champ, he just has the world's worst phone manners.

He was as good as his word -- he repaired and reinstalled my unit before today was over. It was about 9:30 PM, but it was still Saturday. And it was only $150. I know you're not expected to tip repairmen and certainly not owners, but I added $20 because he didn't have to go the extra mile for me -- a total stranger.

Isn't it nice when something starts out bad but ends so well?

My dream team can inspire ANYONE

Richard Lewis just announced the Cubs and Dodger line-ups on Fox and extemporaneously added that, "if the Cubs win [the World Series] after 100 years, I'm quitting therapy."