Friday, April 04, 2008

Where are you?

As we reach the anniversaries of the murders of MLK and Bobby Kennedy, I am becoming sadder and sadder about all we lost, and what might have been. Remembering 1968 makes me more and more nervous about the Obama/Clinton stand off.

The Democrat nominated here in Chicago in 1968 wasn't Gene McCarthy and it sure wasn't Bobby. It was the compromise candidate, Hubert Humphrey. And we ended up with President Richard Nixon.

I know that John Edwards is sensitive to the legacies of Kennedy and King. Perhaps he is waiting until the anniversary of Bobby's murder (June 6) to make his much awaited endorsement.

It's time for this primary contest to end. We aren't talking about policies nor issues anymore. We're simply waiting for Hillary to give up or for Obama to self destruct. I don't think either is likely to happen. We may, however, just continue watching two good candidates beat and bruise and weaken one another.

I'd feel better if I knew that Gore and John Edwards were talking, perhaps Bill Richardson, too. I have never believed that Howard Dean had the sense the Lord gave a duck, and I want to know that people who are objective, those who have my party and my country's best interests at heart, are talking about the end game here. I don't want to see a repeat of 1968.

Plus, I miss John Edwards' hair and magnolia voice.