Monday, October 22, 2007

The 4 Q&A Meme

Look what I liberated from Kellan.


Jobs you've had:
1- Secretary at Sears HQ in the Sears Tower, on the 6th floor
2- Receptionist in a real estate office
3- Copywriter
4- Creative director

Movies I could watch over and over:
1- The Way We Were
2- Sound of Music
3- Little Miss Sunshine
4- Laura

TV shows I watch:
1- Grey's Anatomy
2- L&O Special Victims Unit
3- American Idol
4- Snapped!

Places I've lived:
1- Brookfield, IL
2- Oak Park, IL
(Sorry this is so boring)

Favorite foods:
1- Burgers
2- Eggs Benedict
3- Salmon
4- Pizza
(No wonder I've become Fatty McFat)

Favorite colors:
1- Green
2- Purple
3- Yellow
4- Blue

Places I'd love to be right now:
1- Chateau Elan Spa in Atlanta (getting a massage)
2- Anna George Salon in Chicago (getting a massage)
3- The Arlington Hotel and Spa in Hot Springs (getting a massage)
4- Soaking in a big tub of moisturizing bubbles
(That unreachable itchy spot in the middle of my back is clearly making me crazy!)

Names I love but could/would not use for my children:
1- Grace
2- Lisa
3- Michael
4- Robert

Gotta build an addition to the "Dig Me" room

Look what I got from Lori! You know, back when I first started this blog, it never occurred to me that anyone would read it at all, much less come back to it.

No wonder I live for Dancing with the Stars

I have been watching MSNBC off and on this afternoon/early evening and it's left me quite depressed. None of what I've learned today is really new, but it is all stuff I've chosen to forget about and today it was presented to me, point after point after point:

• There are conspiracy theorists out there, looking normal and moving among us, who actually believe that the US Government knowingly allowed 9/11 to happen so Bush, Cheyney and the neo-cons could get their way and invade/occupy Afghanistan and Iraq. How sad! I have made no secret of my on-going disdain for and disappointment with my President, but I have never once believed him to be evil.

• There are other Americans out there -- and make no doubt about it: they voted in 2004 and will in 2008, too -- who still believe that Saddam Hussein was actively involved in the planning and execution of 9/11. It's been disproved time and again, but still, the hardcore insist on believing.

• Vice President Cheyney is spouting rhetoric about Iran that sounds like a lead up to war. Another, concurrent conflict. From the people who brought you Iraq and Afghanistan.

I hate all this. It depresses me to my bone marrow and leaves me soooo weary. The only thing that will soothe me is watching mind-numbingly inconsequential TV, and to hear Bruno say something fabulously ridiculous like, "You are a seismic event! Like an earthquake! Complete with aftershocks!"

Congratulations, Red Sox Nation!

If it can't be the Cubs, I'm glad it's the Red Sox in the World Series. One of the oldest, most storied teams in the history of game now has the opportunity to school one of the youngest. And look at all the Red Sox had to overcome to get here! I'm lovin' the drama. I predict that the long time off has interrupted the Rockies' momentum/destiny status and it will be Boston in 5. (Of course, I believed the Cubs would be in the Series, so feel free to ignore me.)