Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #110 -- Why I Can't Afford that House by the Sea


When I first began blogging, three years ago, I signed up for Adsense because I wanted the free counter you get in exchange for space on your blog. Not long thereafter I discovered Statcounter, which costs money but digs so much deeper than the Adsense counter did. So while I abandoned the Adsense counter, I never removed the ads. Just never thought of it.

Until I noticed the Monetize tab on Blogger Dashboard. I clicked to see what this old blog has earned me over these past three years.

Why, that's more than $1.75/year!

I don't mean to sound snobby or anything, but that's never going to be enough to help my household budget. So I began monitoring the Adsense ads that appear on my site. Usually I understand the connection between their ad and my content, sometimes I don't. Here are 13 of the most recent. (I am going to keep my day job.)

1) Weight loss tips
2) Bruce Springsteen tickets
3) Watch the Cubs game from a Wrigley Field rooftop
4) Fun kids' haircuts
5) Empire Beauty School
6) Stella McCartney's clothes
7) Cubs tickets at
8) Medshape Diet
9) First Rule of a Flat Stomach
10) Cleanse pounds away
11) End binge eating
12) Dr. Oz' cellulite cure
13) Stolen vehicle delivery

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We have a plan!

My best friend is in town today through Friday AM, and we're having a late dinner tonight. I haven't seen him in nearly six months! Sure we've spoken and of course we have emailed, but this is the first time I've been in the same room with him since there was snow on the ground. And that is simply too long.

Since his birthday is in just a couple of weeks, I'm giving him his gifts in person. First, I was shocked to hear that he has never seen The Godfather from start to finish, and that's just sick and wrong. So I got him the DVD. Since he's such a foodie, I also got him this cookbook because it's by a chef he's mentioned and barbecue season is almost upon us. It also gives him the opportunity to cook a special Italian meal before settling down with the Corleones. (I love birthdays.)