Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #40 -- With apologies to Julie Andrews …



It’s no secret that I love The Sound of Music. But I just don’t like raindrops on roses. Roses lose their petals too quickly and have thorns. Bright copper kettles mean nothing to me. The USPS won’t even accept a brown paper package tied up with strings anymore. So thinking of that stuff when the dog bites or the bee stings doesn't really help. Instead, here are a few of my very own “favorite things” …

1. Blue. My favorite color. Cobalt, aqua, navy, robin’s egg … I love them all. Denim is my favorite-most favorite.

2. Eggs benedict. My favorite breakfast. To order at a restaurant, of course. It's too much work to prepare myself.

3. Okapi. My favorite zoo critter. Imagine a giraffe with a short neck and a soft, shiny coat.

4. Office supplies. I love my pens and pencils and pencil sharpener and personalized notepads.

5. A cat’s purr. The most comforting sound there is. Especially from the throat of my big old fatcat, Joey. He tries to meow and purr at the same time and it sounds like a gargle. Too cute!

6. “I Don’t Break Easily.” My favorite Barbra Streisand song that was never a hit. (It’s on her “Songbird” album, if you want to check it out for yourself.)

7. The Cubs starting infield, ca 1969. Ernie Banks, Glenn Beckert, Don Kessinger and Ron Santo. I grew up on these guys and, for me, they will always personify fielding excellence.

8. Shea Body Butter. My favorite moisturizer is luxurious, thick and almost fragrance free. Available at The Body Shop.

9. Bruce Springsteen. My favorite concert performer. Ever.

10. The Law & Order cast, ca. 1995. In the courtroom: Adam Schiff, Jack McCoy, and Claire Kincaid. On the streets: Lt. Van Buren, Rey Curtis (I even named my cat after him) and, of course, Lennie Briscoe. I’m always happy when a rerun comes on and it’s this lineup.

11. The manicotti at La Cantina. Manicotti is a good comfort food under any circumstances, but OMG! Does this restaurant do it great or what?

12. MSNBC. If you really want your news “fair and balanced,” you should watch the newschannel that gives a daily platform to everyone from Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough to Keith Olberman. I positively gorge myself on the divergent opinions. Oh, and I have a crush on Dan Abrams.

13. The Slowskys. The commercials with these Comcast turtles always make me smile. Bill and Karolyn, you’re my favorite married couple.

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