Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Saturday Night Dream Date

He has everything I could want in a man:
• a timeless smirk
• an intimidating sneer
• a healthy disrespect for authority
• a prodigious way with words
• inexhaustible courage
• great arms
• Samuel L. Jackson as his wing man

Yes, I'm watching Die Hard with a Vengeance, and I remain deeply in love with John McClane.

It's been a hectic and not altogether pleasant Saturday. I simply don't feel like dealing with reality right now. I much prefer dealing with him.

Two months! It was only gorgeous for two months!

Got in this evening to find the right cushions of my lovely new sofa covered in kitty puke and a hairball. I want to cry.

I only had it two months before Charlotte (and yes, I know it was her) deposited the contents of her stomach all over it. I sprayed it with Woolite Upholstery Foam and am hoping that does the trick. I want to cry.

Charlotte, on the other hand, seems very comfortable and pleased with herself. Naturally. After all, she divested herself of an annoying hairball.