Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Memory of Paul Newman

Angel Tales, the magazine of Paws Chicago, gives credit where credit is due. Since 2004, Paul "Newman's generosity found its way to PAWS Chicago, where to date he has donated over $15,000 in support of the organization's mission to save the lives of all homeless animals and ultimately make Chicago a No Kill City."

I think it's interesting, and very sweet, that the magazine speaks of Paul Newman in the present tense. None of us like thinking he's gone.

For more about Paws Chicago, click here.

Heads & Tails #18

This week's theme is "Share an Autumn Memory."

Four years ago at this time, I was about as miserable as I've ever been. I'd spent a year working on Senator John Kerry's Presidential campaign, and we know how that ended. My lovely and loving ragdoll kitty, Billy, was literally wasting away before my eyes. He was diagnosed with untreatable bone marrow cancer, and I had to make the difficult decision that pet owners always dread.

I was confused and heartbroken by Senator Kerry's loss. I missed Billy. It not only was getting dark earlier, it was raining all the time. My world was so oppressively dark and sad. It felt as though I'd never be happy again.

Then, as I was running across a busy street, en route to Walgreen's to buy something mundane and boring, like cotton swabs or maybe Nair, this song came through my headphones and it lifted my heart. It sounds happy, the lyrics are hopeful, and it brought back memories of a happier time. So now, this is my autumn song.