Friday, August 01, 2008

DAY 1 -- August 08 Happiness Challenge

It's August, and that means it's time to see if this Old Gal is up to the challenge -- to share something that brings me JOY each day this month.

Today it's the local book sale. It's the library's major fundraiser, and quite an event. People line up around the block to get in and check out all the books. It's been going on for 38 summers, and while I haven't been here that long, I've been doing this long enough that I have my own personal traditions to observe:

First, I support the public library by making donations from my own personal library. Dropped it off earlier this week.

Second, I fill up a bag o'books at the sale. $6 got me 7 books. Mostly chick lit, a Lisa Scottoline mystery, and Lord of the Flies, which I haven't read in decades and am curious to see if I'll enjoy it on the reread.

Third, I examine the tables to see which once-popular book my village is now so over. Last year it was The Nanny Diaries. This year, the winner of this dubious distinction is … (drum roll, please) … The Da Vinci Code! Congratulations, Dan Brown!

Finally, I stop at Tasty Dog on the way home and pick up a value meal. I'm dining on my fries right now.

It's a happy way to start August.

Hats off to Mo for introducing me to the challenge last year.

Miss me?

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The Blogger robots came by yesterday and decided I was one of them. This was deemed a "spam blog" and I was locked out of my own dashboard. I had to wait for an actual, real-live human to review my musings, confirm that I do indeed write like a human myself, and unlock me. It was a harrowing experience, but it's behind us now!

Anyway, I apologize to all those TT'ers who visited me yesterday. I was unable to check in with all of you during the day because of an excess of pesky old work. Then last night I endured my Battle with the Bots. So please forgive me.