Wednesday, May 20, 2009

THURSDAY THIRTEEN #109 -- The Diet Edition



I had been going about this whole weight loss thing all wrong. I tried giving up "bad" foods I loved, but I have no will power. I tried working out more often, but I often couldn't get away from my desk at lunchtime and felt like a loser, doomed to being fat, unfit and unhealthy.

Then this past month, two amazing things happened!

First I joined another gym (so I can work out at home as well as downtown) and spent time with a personal trainer. She showed me how to exercise correctly and efficiently -- something I hadn't been doing, which is why my workouts weren't producing positive results. (Duh.) In just a month I have found that I now need to belt my jeans and my shoulders no longer ache all the time. (The latter is thanks to lat pulls and the rowing machine.)

Then I began tracking what I ate at The Daily Plate ( I cannot tell you how much I love, LOVE this site! You tell it what you eat, it tracks the calories, fat, sodium, protein and fiber intake for you. I have learned that to lose weight, I don't need to give up any food that I love, I just have to keep track of how much of it I've eaten. This site is free and it's wonderful. Over the last 30 days I have gone over my calorie allotment 7 times, yet I've still managed to lose 3 pounds.

So it's not really a diet. I'm developing a new way of living, moving and eating. I feel good and I'm enjoying it. And I'm thrilled that I'm still able to consume all of the following (in moderation, of course):

1) Coca Cola Classic (OK, so I still guzzle it)

2) McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese

3) Bud Light

4) Peanut butter

5) Spaghetti with meat sauce

6) Five Guys Famous Burgers and sometimes Hot Dogs

7) Mimosas

8) Battered shrimp

9) Screwdrivers

10) Ribeye steak sandwich

11) Frito's

12) Bacon and eggs

13) A big Au Bon Pain chocolate chip cookie

I admit that by tracking what I eat, I have begun eating better, too. It's just a natural side effec of monitoring what kind of fuel I put into my tank. There's a lot of oatmeal and rice cakes on my Daily Plate now. I drink more milk and water, too. But that wouldn't make for an interesting post, would it?

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Today is a better day

We had a good meeting with the client this morning.

Our office building had a fire drill and this time the fire captain didn't yell at me. (Last time I got scolded for bringing a can of Coke into the stairwell, thereby placing all my coworkers in peril of slipping if I spilled.)

I can relax, knowing that my older sister is leaving town today. She's just so much drama.

While I whole-heartedly support Adam for American Idol, I have made peace with idea of Kris.

My best friend resurfaced briefly to reassure me he's fine, even though his beloved dog may be facing her final illness. (Even when pets grow to be as old as she is, no owner has an easy time coming to grips with the inevitable.)

Over a 160+ game season, one Cub loss to the Cards isn't that bad.

I unearthed Beatles 65, and as long I've got the Lads, how bad can life be?