Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today is a better day

We had a good meeting with the client this morning.

Our office building had a fire drill and this time the fire captain didn't yell at me. (Last time I got scolded for bringing a can of Coke into the stairwell, thereby placing all my coworkers in peril of slipping if I spilled.)

I can relax, knowing that my older sister is leaving town today. She's just so much drama.

While I whole-heartedly support Adam for American Idol, I have made peace with idea of Kris.

My best friend resurfaced briefly to reassure me he's fine, even though his beloved dog may be facing her final illness. (Even when pets grow to be as old as she is, no owner has an easy time coming to grips with the inevitable.)

Over a 160+ game season, one Cub loss to the Cards isn't that bad.

I unearthed Beatles 65, and as long I've got the Lads, how bad can life be?

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