Thursday, October 08, 2009

Well, I think it's funny

Because I have no sympathy whatsoever for Roman Polanski, I thoroughly enjoyed this spoof of the director being interrogated by Chris Hansen of MSNBC's To Catch a Predator. (If only he'd offered Roman a little iced tea, it would have been perfect.)

GAL'S DISCLAIMER: Now you know before you click on the link that it's going to be in bad taste, so don't blame me if you're offended.

The song remains the same

Unfortunately. Because it's such a sad song.

In Chicago, kids are killing kids. For the last two years, since the murder of Blair Holt on a city bus as he was pushing a classmate out of the line of fire, the papers have been covering the horror of kids and violence in greater detail. It's enough to break your heart.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan came home yesterday. He was in charge of the Chicago Public Schools until President Obama tapped him for the Cabinet. Duncan met with Eric Holder and Mayor Daley to discuss the problem ... and join together to search for the solution.

I wonder how much of the violence is tied to gangs and dogfighting. According to the Anti Cruelty Society, 1 in 6 Chicago school children has attended a dog fight. Violence toward and victimization of animals for entertainment. What message does this send about compassion, about decency?

I don't think that eradicating dog fighting is THE answer to the epidemic of violence, but I do believe that concentrating on younger children now and making sure they aren't exposed to this cruelty will help. After all, there's a connection between pets and kids. They both require and deserve our protection -- and it's obvious we're falling short.