Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #114 -- On My Mind


These are in the order they came to mind
and not necessarily in order of importance.

1) I'll lose my job. I'm an old gal in a young person's industry. It's possible that if I can't hang onto this gig, I may have to contemplate a new career. What could I do that would pay as much as advertising writing? See? Just blogging about it has me chewing on my lower lip.

2) My mother's health. She doesn't move enough. She's got no aerobic exercise in her life at all. This can't be good for her heart. But discussing this with her is like talking to a stapler.

3) My mother's finances. She doesn't have much left to carry her through the rest of her life. What if her savings run out when I'm unemployed (see #1)?

4) My Cubs' bats are so streaky this year! Too many men left on base. Lou has tried encouraging them to watch films, then to forbid them from watching films. Hendry brought in a new batting coach. Nothing seems to work for more than a few games. What is up?

5) Health care. I understand that reform is necessary and that the current system is too expensive to us as a country. Rah-rah! I'm with you, Mr. President! I just worry what MY health care is going to look like after the reforms are passed. I'm 15 years older, and facing different health care issues, than I was when The Clintons were wrestling with this problem. Wish it had been resolved back then.

6) Abigail Breslin. She's top of mind now because she's been doing publicity for her new movie, My Sister's Keeper. "Little Miss Sunshine" is now 13, which is an awkward age for actresses. She's so genuine and talented and her performances have really touched me. I hope she grows up OK and has a long career and a happy life.

7) Major newspapers. Many have disappeared and both of Chicago's major dailies are struggling. I love reading the paper as I ride the train each weekday. I'd lose a valuable part of my daily routine, and local government would escape one of their most ferocious watchdogs.

8) The auto industry. Yeah, I know the bailouts weren't very popular. But what are the options? If the auto industry folds, where will all those workers go? It's not like they would have dozens of factory jobs to choose from. The economy is so different today than it was in past decades. What if they can't get new jobs that offer affordable health insurance for their families? While I admit I'm influenced more by emotion than common sense on this subject, there is a dollars-and-cents component to my concern. If, as a hopefully/gainfully employed tax payer, I have to help these folks out financially, I'd rather pay to help them keep their jobs than to pay their unemployment benefits.

9) Barack Obama. Take care of him, God. He's got to steer us through a mess.

10) My best friend. He's been very quiet and rather distant for more than a week now. That's so not like him. He's been known to get like this when he has troubles at home that he's not comfortable discussing with me. I understand because, frankly, I'm not comfortable hearing them. I just wish he'd tell me, topline, that's what's going on.

11) My oldest friend. She's had more than her fair share of physical and emotional upheaval lately. I wish life would give her a break and simply saddle her with a bad hair day.

12) My coworker's cat. She's not actually my coworker's cat. She's the cat that a coworker's evil irresponsible shitheel of a boyfriend left with her "for a little while," and then virtually disappeared. This poor cat is lonely, overweight and 12 years old. My coworker is taking good care of her, but really hates cats. Unfortunately, few shelters are interested in taking in a 12-year-old cat. I want to take her, you know. I can't stand this story. But I already have three middle-aged/elderly cats in a two-bedroom condo! Must move on. I'm chewing my lower lip again.

13) My plumbing. Or is the building's plumbing? It's old and unreliable and leaky when it finally goes, it will be time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive to repair. I am dealing with the problem by hoping it just goes away. Or that someone from the building management company will do their jobs and fix it. I know it's not the wisest plan, but it's the one that's easiest on that lower lip, the one that tends to bear the brunt of my worrying.

What's occupying your thoughts these days?

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Is it OK that I find this funny?

Gov. Sanford admits to extramarital affair

Relationship revealed after S.C. governor's mysterious trip to Argentina.

By the way, he voted "yes" to banning gay marriage and "no" to civil unions because that wedded bliss between a man and a woman is sacred and all.