Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh, Madame Governor, we noticed

Fourth of July is typically a slow news holiday. Traditionally everyone is concentrating on baseball (Gal raises her hand) or barbecues or the beach. This year we can add the ongoing Michael Jackson death investigation/funeral arrangements to the mix. It's not uncommon, then, for politicians to do a news dump: announce things that they don't want to receive too much attention, trusting it will be old news by Monday.

Sarah Palin announced today that she's not only not running for re-election, she's stepping down as Governor of Alaska in two weeks -- BEFORE her first term is even done. She gave no tangible reason for this.

I hope none of her children are ill or in trouble. I also hope she will now disappear from the national scene because she really annoys me.

As do the Milwaukee Brewers, who fell to the Cubs in the 10th! (Exciting game.) Diprivan was found in Michael Jackson's home, and it's generally found in ORs. I admit I've been following both those stories closely on my day off.

But Governor Palin, we all caught this, too.

And me without a piece of paper!

Today I had my annual mammogram. I hate my annual mammogram. Yes, I know it's necessary. It's also uncomfortable and always leaves me feeling anxious. Because, like most women, I really fear breast cancer.

The neighborhood hospital right here in town has one of the best facilities available. Since I value quality in this above all else, that's where I continue to go. Even though their long-time tech, Linda, is unpleasant. She's all hard edges, bossy, and smells faintly of cigarettes (not something you want to smell when being screened for cancer).

Maybe Linda was out today for a long July 4th holiday. Maybe she finally retired. But today, for the first time, my tech was Lucille. She made all the difference in the world.

She was focused and explained everything she was doing as she did it. When she needed another shot of my right breast, she took the time to tell me exactly why it was necessary. The film looked a little darker than the others. The doctors needs her to deliver films that are as consistent with last year's as possible so they can accurately compare 2009 to 2008. It was not, she assured me, because she detected something suspicious about my right breast.

It's important to note that she shared all this without me asking.

I was sooo relieved! On my way to the dressing room, I noticed a suggestion box. After I changed back into my street clothes, I wanted to write a valentine to Lucille and slip it into the box. No paper. Not in my humongous purse, not near the suggestion box. So I used the bottom of a list I was going to bring to the drug store. I hope that the hospital takes my praise for Lucille seriously, in spite of how it was delivered.