Sunday, October 21, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings #14

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Las Vegas :: Viva, Las Vegas!
2. Linus :: His blanket
3. Struck :: Moonstruck
4. Movie :: Star
5. Anxious :: Eager
6. Bandit :: Armed
7. Picks :: Quick Picks (lotto tickets)
8. Lasso :: Rodeo
9. Dinner :: Date
10. Bargain :: Dollar store

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If the devil on my shoulder spoke out loud

… it would sound like Kathy Griffin.

My oldest friend and I went to see my sister Oak Parker Kathy Griffin last night at the Chicago Theater. She was raunchy, vulgar and so, so funny as she took on Dr. Phil, Larry Craig, Paris, Britney, Paula Abdul, Fox News, etc., etc. She says a lot of things about hypocrisy and personal choice that need to be said, but she's also a complete riot as she does it. I thank her for a terrific Saturday night out, and recommend everyone go see her, if only to hear the hilarious story behind this photo. (Borrowed from

Behold My "Dig Me!" Post

My favorite baseball player, future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux, was recently asked where he kept his record-breaking 14 Golden Glove Awards. His response, "At home in my 'dig me' room."

Yesterday I was surprised and happy to find this blog has received two more awards, both from Alison,* who warmly and generously shares her experiences as kindergarten teacher, wife and mother to "two angels" with her readers. And so I'm pleased to display them here, in my "dig me" post. Naturally I'm happy to be referred to as a "sweet treat." But I'm proud of my Community Blogger Award. "This award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one."

*P.S. Alison, Blogger won't let me open the "comments" link on you blog so I have to thank you here. But please know that these made me very happy this morning. THANK YOU!