Sunday, August 24, 2008

DAY 24 -- August 08 Happiness Challenge

The Yellow Submarine Handheld Pinball Game. I picked this up for my ready-to-enter-third-grade nephew, who doesn't really care much about the Beatles but wants to be in on it when his older sister and I go all Beatlemaniac. We took a moment to look at the illustration of the Pepperland-era lads on the back (he admitted that the only Beatle he can ever identify easily is Ringo because he's the shortest), and then he began to play with this remarkably low-tech toy. He had a terrific time and enthusiastically announced his progress as became more adept.

My favorite moment was watching him with Grandma, my mom, as she put his head next to his while he added up his score. She was so proud of his math skills, he was so proud of his manual dexterity, and I was so moved to see how comfortable, happy and close these two are. The plastic pinball game was only $7, but as the MasterCard commercial says, some things are priceless.

The only thing worth meowing about

My cat Charlotte doesn't talk much. She's gentle and affectionate, but overwhelmingly silent. Except when I'm standing at the kitchen counter. For there, tucked beside the microwave, are the Whisker Lickins. She does love those tender treats.

First, no matter where she is, she will sense I am standing at the counter and will suddenly appear by my side, gazing up at me meaningfully. If I don't get what she telepathically is trying to tell me, she will stretch herself to her full length and touch my leg. Finally, if that doesn't work, SHE SPEAKS! Her rare meow is surprisingly deep and throaty for a cat so small. It's as if Miss Thing is the feline Lauren Bacall.