Sunday, February 17, 2008

Look at That Face (Part 2)

Definitely, Maybe is the second movie I've seen with Abigail Breslin. (The first being Little Miss Sunshine.) Once again she's captured my heart. Sweet, tender, sincere and smart, there's nothing false or cloying about her. (Meaning: she doesn't get on my nerves like Dakota Fanning does.) The look on her face when her father, Will, explains how he defines "happy ending" is worth the price of admission.

The movie itself is better than I thought it would be. I especially appreciated the way campaign work is portrayed. Will's character (Ryan Reynolds) spent 1992 at Bill Clinton's New York headquarters. As a volunteer for Senator Kerry's presidential campaign, I, like Will, worked the phones and sold seats at a $2000/plate dinner and knew the thrill of selling a whole table. (The speaker at my fundraiser was Bill Clinton.) But that's as glamorous as it got. Like Will, I also did tons of boring work -- mostly cross checking donor information. It was tedious, but it was important, because Senator Kerry's financial information had to be complete and accurate.

In terms of the romance, all I can say is, "Aw ...." I love love stories, and this movie has three. (Four, if you count the relationship between adoring father and concerned daughter.)

Offguard Survey

Another quiz stolen from Kwizgiver

1. Do you wake up cranky?: no
2. If an ex said he hates you, you say?: "I'm not surprised." I've had some unpleasant break ups.
3. Would you curse in front of your parents?: Yes, though my mother wishes I wouldn't.
4. If a fairy godmother comes into your life, you?: Start wishing
5. What is your current annoyance?: How rude the new counter kid is at CVS
6. Do you like drama?: Only on tv or movies (Kwizgiver's answer)
7. What kind of camera do you have?: Olympus
8. Last time you were on a boat and where?: Dinner cruise in Key West in December
9. Do you take daily vitamins or medications?: Yes
10. Where is your computer located?: At this moment, my lap
11. Would you ever eat cow poop?: Ewww!
12. What was the last item you bought?: Bounty Paper Towels
13. What country has the best food?: America
14. Last time you used a coupon?: Last week
14. Are you afraid of rollercoasters?: No. I love 'em!
15. If your bestfriend told you they're moving, you?: thank God for email and cellphones (I know because it's happened)
15. Would you rather go to a party or out of town?: Out of town
16. Apple Bottom Jeans or Hollister gift card?: How about cash?
17. Do you think your dumb?: No
18. Say a random word?: Amoeba
19. Do you wear anything with skulls?: No
20. What is/was your school mascot?: Bulldogs
21. Do you own a class ring or letterman jacket?: No
22. At what age do you want to be married?: Oh, puh-leez!
23. Is divorce an option?: Who would I divorce?
24. What color is your luggage?: Blue, with black piping
25. Where and when did you last go on vacation?: See #8
26. Where is your mom right now?: At her house
27. What are you suppose to be doing right now?: Sorting all this various and sundry paperwork
28. What is your 5 year plan?: Build up my savings and then redo my apartment
29. What is your 10 year plan?: Good goobies! I was proud enough to have a 5 year plan!
30. One wish?: Size 10

"Is there something in your house that isn't working like should?"

That's how the CLR cleanser commercial begins, and it addresses slow running faucets and showerheads. But it got my attention, because I thought the spokeswoman was talking about me.

I haven't been working out. Partly because our erratic and fierce weather has made it not worth the trip to the health club. (Put on long underwear, scarf, coat, gloves and boots -- take off gloves, boots, coat, scarf, sweater, jeans, and long underwear -- put on workout togs -- take off workout togs -- put on long underwear, jeans, sweater, scarf, coat, boots and gloves … doesn't really leave time for a workout and shower, does it?) Partly because the mood at work just tells me it's worth my while to be as available as possible. The result is that I feel E-NOR-MOUS.

My home is a mess. Really. Not dirty, though the kitchen floor could use a little attention. It's the paper issue. The ongoing, forever paper issue. I feel like I've been trying to keep ahead of this my entire adult life! And I feel like I've been losing my whole adult life. (The photos on the link embellish the situation somewhat, but that's how I feel it looks in here.) Yesterday and today I've taken a box -- literally a box a day -- of paper out to the recycling bin out back and this place is still overrun by clutter. I know I have an issue with parting with things, and that plays a role in this for sure, but there's just soooo much in here!

Plus I'm just deeply, desperately lazy. I've done my grocery shopping, I've done my laundry, I've fiddled with this blog and I've gone to the movies. I haven't worked out. I haven't concentrated on housework.

I will, however, make a hollow promise to myself that I'll do it all on my day off tomorrow.

A Delicious Victory

My niece was one of two students chosen to represent her high school in a district culinary competition. Her assignment was to create an appetizer. She had to prepare it in full chef's regalia in front of judges, who peppered her with questions while she worked. That was the part that made her the most nervous in advance: Would her hair fall out of her hat? Would she get distracted by the questions and cut herself?

She performed like a champion. Literally. Scoring 98 out of 100. (She lost the two points because her cuffs peaked out of her sleeves as she worked.) Her fruit plate -- the centerpiece was a swan carved out of a pineapple -- was deemed "perfect."

She is now one of the students who will represent the district in the state competition. As far as any of us knows right now, she is the only freshman participating downstate.

My niece has caused us all a sleepless night or two. But it's important remember that she's a bright and focused student who gives us much to be proud of, too. (Plus, she's very funny.)