Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Feeling better about it all

This evening, after the workday had officially ended, I ran into that coworker (the one who has played such a big role in my days lately) in the ladies' room. Since most people had gone home, it was quiet and we weren't interrupted. I believe that we understand one another better now. She was pleasant -- as she always is -- but she didn't hold her cards as close to the vest. We discussed ways to help prevent this situation from happening again, and agreed that our differences aren't personal.

So three cheers for ladies' room detente!

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

I had a bit of a confrontation with the goody-goody coworker I mentioned earlier. It wasn't much of a confrontation because that's not her style. I presented my concerns and supported them with a chart and background information and all she had was her opinion. I'm grateful that my creative teammates voiced their agreement with me. It took a little over an hour to get this all ironed out and it was stressful, but now it's behind us and we can concentrate on the work.

At least I hope it's behind us.

She's always so measured and controlled that I'm never sure what she's really thinking. My boss' door was closed for a while this morning and I was sure it was her complaining about me.

Oh, it was just me be silly/paranoid. Not only was she not complaining about me, it wasn't even her in my boss' office.

It would help, though, if she was a bit more genuine. Or if I just understood her better. Her inscrutability makes me nervous.