Monday, February 15, 2010

No Joke

Thank you, Jon Stewart. For tonight, on The Daily Show, you played a clip of President Obama at a townhall meeting in New Hampshire, fielding a question from a man who proudly proclaimed himself to be, "Dick Swett."

This was legit. This was for real. Richard "Dick" Swett really is a former Congressman from New Hampshire. AND he was once our Ambassador to Denmark! I just love the imagining his formal presentation to the monarchy:

"Your Highness, I give you Dick Swett."

I realize tonight's Daily Show was a rerun. I'm glad I didn't see it during the original airing last week. This old heart of mine couldn't take it twice.

Dick Swett. Tee hee.

Happy President's Day

This is the real John F. Kennedy. Just in case you need to be reminded. For Hollywood has found the Kennedy story irresistible, and The Internet Movie Database lists 73 different dramatic performances as our 35th President. These are just the ones I've seen.

Bruce Greenwood in Thirteen Days
William Devane in The Missles of October
Martin Sheen in Kennedy
Cliff Robertson in PT-109
Patrick Dempsey in JFK: Reckless Youth
Stephen Webber in The Kennedys of Massachusetts*
Daniel Hugh Kelly in Jackie, Ethel and Joan
Stephen Collins in A Woman Named Jackie
James Franciscus in Jackie Bouvier Kennedy
Cliff DeYoung in RFK and His Times
James Kelly in Sinatra
William Petersen in The Rat Pack
Charles Frank in LBJ

Some Kennedy/Hollywood trivia -- Martin Sheen has played both JFK and Bobby and William Petersen has played both JFK and Joe Kennedy, Sr.

* It's on now and inspired this post

Movie Monday

This week's movie topic is all about Winter...

Share your selections that feature snow and freezing cold and link back here at The Bumbles.

The one that sprang immediately to mind is Little Women. While these pictures are from the most recent Winona-Ryder-as-Jo version, the winter scenes are all either fun or exciting in all three versions. I remember Jo burning her skirt time and again in front of the fireplace ... snowball fights with Laurie, the boy next door ... sharing their breakfast on Christmas morning ... Amy (that's Kirsten Dunst) falling through the ice ... The March girls are always all bundled up, and it's not just out of 19th Century modesty!

Of course, I guess I should also say that (1) Jo March is one of all-time favorite heroines and (2) I like winter.