Friday, May 30, 2008

Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!

Sex and the City, of course. At more than 2 hours, it's a little long … and Stanford was given so little to do it was almost distracting to have him in the movie at all. But I love these characters and their stories so, it was great to see them again and in new situations.

The movie completely understands its own appeal. It's a celebration of romance and friendship. The romance of city life … the romance of self-actualization and an idealistic belief in life's possibilities … the romance of, well, love and finding The One. While my friends and I will never be as wealthy, nor as well-dressed, nor as well-laid as this quartet, we will always be there for one another. That friendship can motivate us to be better, kinder and more forgiving is a true and powerful idea, and one we don't see onscreen very often.

I would have guessed Miranda

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Smart, driven, and the kind of girl that could be the star of any show, it's no surprise you lead the pack. Whether trying out a new hairstyle or mixing and matching your wardrobe, with a look and a lifestyle all your own, you're sure to inspire those around you. You're honest about what you want out of life — even when all you really want is the latest Balenciaga bag or a corner table in a hot new restaurant.

But your playful exterior doesn't fool everyone — deep inside you've got a lot on your mind and it shows. Standing by your friends, working hard, and always staying a step ahead (while, of course, doing it in Manolo Blahniks), isn't exactly easy. So now that everything else is in place, we couldn't help but wonder — is your next great romance right around the corner?

Sad in the City

I was sooo happy yesterday! At a few minutes before 5:00, a former coworker of mine (she's now at another agency) called and told me she scored a pair of free passes to the sneak preview of Sex and the City. Did I want to join her? Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

We had dinner and shared a pitcher of beer and gossiped a while, then I started looking about for our server so we could settle the check. The movie started at 8:00 and I wanted to be line by 7:00. I've been to many a free sneak preview at this very theater and know they overbook and that people are often turned away. It even says on the pass that having a ticket doesn't guarantee a seat.

She scoffed, saying that these passes were given to her by a VENDOR THROUGH WORK, whereas my passes were always just a free perk for being an Entertainment Weekly subscriber, so they HAD to be more exclusive. She had one last beer and we wandered over to the theater, in line by 7:30.

We were in the 8:00 show, alright. The 8:00 showing of Ironman. As soon as we got in line, the usher announced that the free sneak preview of Sex and the City was already full. (Sniffle, sniffle.)

Oh well, Ironman was very entertaining. (I have such a crush on Robert Downey, Jr.'s voice) I enjoyed dinner. And my former coworker remains one of the sweetest people ever. Naturally and effortlessly gorgeous, she is always quick to compliment. ("Your natural haircolor is so pretty! Why did you ever color it?") So in all, it was a nice evening.

But I WILL see Sex and the City before the weekend is over. I MUST!

PS As we left the theater last night at a little after 10:00, a group of girls were already in line, tickets in hand, for the midnight show. I believe that makes Sex and the City the chick-flick equivalent of Star Wars.