Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not working for me, dawg

American Idol felt awkward and forced tonight. Not the performances, I enjoyed those. Brooke ("Let It Be"), Carly ("Come Together") and Amanda ("You Can't Do That") were especially entertaining doing some of the most important songs of my personal soundtrack.

My complaint is with Ryan Seacrest and his "banter" with Simon Cowell. It was adolescent and most of all, not funny. Let's try to remember, gentlemen, that this is a singing competition, not Last Comic Standing.

(I can't believe how into Idol I've become!)


Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to the travails of NY Governor Elliott Spitzer. You see, while most of the nation views our local Tony Rezko trial as being about Barack Obama, here we follow it to find out if/when our current governor will follow our previous governor to prison. So my plate is already full of gubernatorial corruption.

But this is too juicy for this prurient old gal to resist! Elliott Spitzer has presented himself as the new Elliott Ness, a straight arrow who will clean up the mess made by those who don't share his high standards of personal behavior. So to watch him strung up by his own peccadillos is fun.

Spitzer apparently spent $4,300 for a Washington DC assignation with a hooker on 2/13. It's the date that kept going through my mind as I watched Mrs. Spitzer silently stand by her man during his press conference. I've never been a wife, but I think that if I were her, it would really, REALLY bug me that my long-time hubby spent more on a hooker on 2/13 than he did on me the next night, Valentine's Day.

Also, I wonder what a woman has to do to earn $4,300 in one night. I know people who have spent less than that for a good used car. I'm tempted to Google it. Maybe it's time I broaden my horizons.