Sunday, April 04, 2010

But better than last Easter

Easter 2009 was a very melancholy affair, because my mother was still very sick with pneumonia but resisted treatment. This year, I was grateful that she's OK. She's an old lady, which is hard for me to get used to, and has big gaps in her memory. But she's lucid and happy and breathing on her own. So yea!

Or perhaps I should say "yeah, yeah, yeah," for we spent a good deal of Easter evening at my sister's, playing Beatles Rock Band. It made me happy that we bonded over The Lads. I grew to not suck as a drummer, and my nephew -- never as well behaved at home as he is when we're alone together -- showed off his impressive and enthusiastic vocal stylings ... until he got bored and began throwing a stuffed penguin around. My niece alternately sang, played the guitar, and accepted our praise for her talents as the evening's chef. My brother-in-law was more talkative than usual, and we each shared concerns for our job security.

My sister remains a competitive bitch. I don't know why, and I don't exactly care anymore. But she alone of her little family made me feel unwelcome, even though I was invited.

The important thing is that we were all together, and healthier than we were last Easter. For that I am grateful.