Monday, January 04, 2010

It can't hurt

Do you know that adding a shot of vodka to my 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi only puts 56 extra calories on my daily total? And there's no universally accepted scale for measuring how it's benefited my mood.

It's been a rough day. Productive, but not merry. I understand that since I'm a grown up, I can't expect my work or my life to run smoothly every day. However, as a grown up, I am allowed to spike my Pepsi. So I guess it evens out.

Running through my head

Ah, Sweet Baby James


Well, that was unpleasant

The first big meeting of the new decade wasn't a positive one. Nothing having to do with me specifically, but unsettling regarding the business I work on. Trying not to freak out, because freaking out is especially pointless since this is sooooo far beyond my control. Needless to say, though, that the mood here today is most decidedly not upbeat as we embark on the new year.

To my favorite lefty

Left-handed pitcher, that is.*
Eat, drink and be merry today because soon you'll report to training camp.

*Both Sir Paul and my best friend are lefties, too.