Thursday, November 15, 2007

Friday's Feast #23

What was your first “real” job? A secretary (we were called "secretaries" back then) in the Newspaper Advertising Dept. at Sears Corporate Office in Sears Tower.

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity? The tub. I seem to get my best ideas while I'm bathing or showering, and can't write them down!

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when my stomach growls during a meeting.

Main Course
What values did your parents instill in you? I learned from my mom that pets are members of our family, too, and must be treated with love and respect.

Name 3 fads from your teenage years. (1) TV was dominated by cheesey variety shows -- Donny & Marie, Sonny & Cher, Tony Orlando & Dawn; (2) Girls wore their hair long, straight, and parted down the middle; (3) CB radios

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Oh no I don't!

I've been just laying down for a minute, just resting on the sofa, and then waking up at 2:00 AM. While I'm wide awake at 2:00 I do a few chores and find myself crawling into bed at 4:00 … to be awakened by my alarm clock at 6:00. So I start my workday exhausted, with vague memories of bad dreams.

It's almost 9:00 and I feel that lethargy coming on. So I'm getting UP OFF THE SOFA! I'm going to pack my overnight bag for my weekend trip with my oldest friend. I'm not going to sleep until 10:30. And when I do go to sleep, it will be in my bed. Tonight it stops.