Friday, November 07, 2008

This may be true ...

But if it sounds a little downbeat, I think it's because I was imagining spooky old Collinwood (technically speaking, it was a "manor," rather than a "castle") with Barnabas and Angelique racing about.

The Castle Personality Test

You are scared of new experiences. It's hard for you to break outside of your comfort zone.

You like to think that people see you as dramatic and fascinating. You do your best to seem mysterious.

You are a very realistic person. You see the world as it is, flaws and all.

Right now, stress occasionally makes you feel trapped in your life. You usually have a clear perspective on things though!

Overall, your life is dramatic and unpredictable. You life in interesting times.

You aren't optimistic about the future. You worry about what will happen to the world and if we'll be able to clean up the messes we've made.