Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He's here!

My best friend is in Chicago for the night. We'll be meeting in about an hour to celebrate his birthday and catch up. I'm so happy … so excited … I've missed him soooo much!

Tag Time!

Mr. Sparky Duck tagged me, and I'm glad, because it gives me an excuse to use this cool picture. Now, here are the rules:

a) Link to the person who tagged me.

b) Mention the rules.

c) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.

d) Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.

e) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

And now, I am sure, more than you ever wanted to know...

1) Geeky as ever, I still look forward to getting my mail each day. I'm not even disappointed when it's all bills.

2) My cat Joey is named for Joey Tribbiani, Matt LaBlanc's character on Friends. LaBlanc should be honored -- my Joey is quite a guy, a cat among cats.

3) I have never shoplifted anything, nor have I snuck into the movies without paying. I have been known to cross against the light, but that's about as lawless as this Gal gets.

4) I wear a size 6.5 shoe (sometimes a 7, depending on the shoe).

5) Because I prefer the Cubs' radio broadcasters, at least once a season I try to watch a game with the TV sound off and the radio on. I tell myself that this time it won't bother me that the sound and picture aren't in sync (TV is on delay by a second or two), but it does and I give up. But hope springs eternal with me. I guess that's part of being a Cub fan.

6) I hate tomatoes. Their consistency creeps me out. Too runny inside. So I haven't missed them one bit during the restaurant ban.

THERE! Was I quirky enough? Boring enough?

Now for the tagging ...

1) Mo
2) Book Mama
3) Jenny McB
4) Kwizgiver
5) No Nonsense Girl
6) Malcolm

Tuesday Tunes #3

What if:

What if a friend took your favorite CD and never returned it. First what CD would it be, and how huge of a row/fight would you have with your friend as a result?
I'd say my favorite CD, my go-to CD when I want familiar songs that evoke pleasant memories, is the soundtrack to My Best Friend's Wedding. Under most circumstances, I'd ask for it back regularly until it was returned. If it was a friend who took it with when he moved (which happened to me not all that long ago), I'd just chalk it up to him wanting a memento that reminded him of me and I'd buy another one.

What if you found a mix CD laying on the ground? Would you pick it up and try to play it?
Nope. Ooh! Icky! Dirty! And just waiting to gum up my CD player.

What if you somehow ended up having dinner with your favorite recording artist, what would the dinner conversation be like?
Do you prefer Sir Paul or Dr. McCartney? Do you still set out to write songs like you did with John (that's the story I heard about "A Hard Day's Night"), or do you just compose when the song comes to you? Did she really throw a glass of water on your lawyer in court? And why on earth didn't you have a prenup?

To play along, or to check out other answers, click here.

Heads & Tails #17

Today's theme is "line." As someone who doesn't drive -- and with gas at about $4.25/gallon, I'm glad I don't -- the word "line" conjures up public transportation. Fortunately the Chicagoland area has a pretty extensive, highly affordable system that exists under the RTA (Regional Transit Authority). Here are the "lines" I couldn't do without:

CTA El -- I take the Green Line elevated train to and from work each day. 45 minutes door to door, and $1.75 per trip. Those who prefer battling rush hour traffic and paying for city parking are welcome to it. I'll just sit here and read the paper en route to work.

Metra Railroad -- If I'm working late, or having dinner or partying downtown, I take the Union Pacific West Line home. A little more expensive than the El, it's also a little safer after dark.

Pace Suburban Bus System -- I refer to this as "my other car," my weekend wheels. I ride the 307 Line to the mall and 304 Line when I go home to visit my mom.

If you can, give both your wallet and the environment a break and consider taking a bus or train ride at least once a week. It just might help us reduce our national dependence on fossil fuel.

For more information on Heads or Tails, or to play along yourself, visit the HoT site.