Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I admit it. I was verklempt.

This morning, when I went to vote and saw the names of a woman and an African American on the Presidential ballot, I was amazed and thrilled. Yes, I knew I'd find Clinton and Obama there, but actually seeing it had an undeniable impact on me. We have come such a long way during my lifetime, and I am very proud of the Democratic Party and of my country.

As Barack Obama just said tonight: "We are who we've been waiting for." My party now reflects my community. How cool is that?

Heads & Tails #16

Today's theme is "first and last." I'm going to write about my very first and most recent trips to a movie theater.

First: 1964. Mary Poppins. It was a magical experience. Back in those days, movies opened downtown only and, after a few weeks or months, came to the local theaters. So my time spent with Mary Poppins was special not only because it was my first-ever trip to a movie theater, it entailed going into Chicago's Loop. I remember that it was raining and my father was angrily complaining because he couldn't get a parking space closer to the theater. But then we took our seats and the lights went down, the curtain opened and I was transported to the Banks' home in Jolly Old England. I've been in love with going to the movies ever since.

Last: Saturday, 2/2. There Will Be Blood. I think a better title would be, There Will Be Explosions and Fires, for instances of that kind of mayhem outnumbered the bloody kind. I wrote about this movie before, and while it's true that I appreciated it and am glad I saw it, I can't honestly say I liked or recommend it. Still, I loved the experience of going to the movies, of sitting in a dark theater with my oversized pop and my Raisinettes and traveling to another place and time.

For more information about Heads or Tails, or to play along yourself, visit Skittles' Place.

The sweetest-looking award I could ever receive

See that face? That's Maggie May, one the Dogs that Keep Misty Sane. But she's only one of the things that make this award special.

Misty Dawn referred to me as one of the bloggers who has, "been my cheering squad and shared your own lives with me." She says this has honored her.

Well, Miss Misty, the honor is mine. Whether she's falling in the mud, ceaselessly craving a new camera or strapping a most-bizarre purple mask onto Hubs' face, her heart and humor shine through in every post.

And how can I not respect and admire the woman who rescues puppies like Maggie?

Thanks, Misty. I'll leave a note on your blog when I can. (Blogger is not letting me open your comments link this morning.)