Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August Happiness -- Tuesday 28

All this and heaven, too! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! A come-from-behind victory against the Brewers to cement that first-place standing. Even better, I got home just in time to see the first pitch because after work, I stopped and had a burger and a beer with my best friend! He was on his way to the airport -- in town less than 24 hours -- but at least we got to see each other. For the first time since June. Right now, I am a gloriously happy gal.

Heads & Tails #3

You can find this week's theme over at meme-mistress Skittles' Place.

HOBBY, or anything that rhymes with HOBBY.

I'll take the more literal, and easier, way out and go with my hobby. After giving it a bit of thought, and looking at my books, movies and CDs, I'd say my hobby is the 1960s.

Whether it's the Beatles, the Kennedys,
Ron Santo and the 1969 Cubs, That Girl! or Carnaby Street and Mary Quant, I find that decade endlessly fascinating. And, with George W. Bush comparing Viet Nam with Iraq, I'm reminded that in many ways the 1960s influence is still very, very strong.

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August Happiness -- Monday 27

My furry roommates. I'm in an exasperating mood tonight. I don't want to be alone, but everyone annoys me. I'm even pissed at the Cubs for having a night off when I feel like watching them play. When I'm like this -- meaning not fit for human contact -- I consider myself very lucky to share my home with three such diverse and fascinating felines. Charlotte likes to spend time with me as soon as I get home, chatting about the events of her day. After this intensely social interlude and her big meal of the day, she simply must retire under the bed to rest. Then Joe will tuck himself as close to me as possible, helping me go through the mail, return calls/emails, etc., until he dozes off, a warm and comforting presence beside me. And Rey spends all night keeping me up to date on his activities and whereabouts. (MOW! I'm high atop the armoire. MOW! I'm flossing with a plastic bag in the kitchen! MOW! There's someone in the hall who wants to meet me!) These three, with their huge hearts and divergent personalities, are dependably good for whatever happens to ail me.