Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tomorrow it begins again

A very undisciplined weekend is winding to a close …

Saturday was errands, laundry, and a party at Kathleen's house. We celebrated her husband's 50th birthday. She looks terrific and so does her home. Inspires me to want to get off my fat ass and do something with this place of mine.

I was impressed again by how great her kids are. A freshman at college and a freshman in high school, they are polite and social and socially conscious and it makes me smile just to think of them. Plus, for the highs and lows they have endured over the last 20+ years together, Kathleen and her husband a solid couple. That's always fun to be around.

Today I watched the Cubs game (ouch, those extra-inning losses hurt!) and went through my casual wardrobe, bringing out the summer and packing away the winter. I'm parting with a dozen sweaters and t-shirts next weekend when I make my way to Goodwill.

Productive, yes. But still, I didn't work out and ate and drank too much crap. So tomorrow it begins again. I'll start the new workweek with an eye on being healthier and more physically active.