Thursday, October 09, 2008

This just in! Another reason to be pro-Obama

Visit the Best Friends Animal Shelter website and read how, after the election, Barack and Michelle Obama are adopting a shelter dog for their daughters.

There are as many as 12 million dogs and cats in US shelters. As one who has always gotten her pets from shelters, I can assure you that they are just as loving as pedigreed dogs and cats. I'm thrilled that the Obamas are making adoption their first option.

Happy Birthday, John Lennon

He would be 68 years old today.

I miss what might have been. Would he still be singing? Or would he have concentrated on exploring his talents as an artist or a writer more fully?

I miss his candor and his creative fearlessness. He would not be one of those artists who believes in keeping his world view to himself so as not to polarize his audience. John seemed to be determined to make you declare whether you were with him or against him.

I miss seeing what he'd be like at 68. Would he be a vibrant example of "60 is the new 50," with an active, healthy lifestyle? Or would all the smoking and drinking and drugs have taken their toll? Would his turbulent soul have quieted a bit so he could enjoy this time of his life surrounded by cats and kids and other loved ones? (I hope so.)

I'm going to listen to my favorite solo Lennon song, "Watching the Wheels." If you're a fan, what song would you like to remember him with?