Monday, May 04, 2009

Can you say "oink?"

Just in time for Elizabeth Edwards' book tour, her husband has put his foot into another humiliating pile of crap. He's under investigation to see if he diverted any of his 2008 campaign funds to his mistress to keep her "from going public."

I think Elizabeth Edwards is a great lady, and my heart breaks for her. (And no, considering the nature of this scandal and the timing in conjunction with her book tour, I do not believe she was "in on it.")


  1. I saw this on the news today. What a sad and strange time for her. She is tough and classy and strong.
    It has been disappointing to watch his humiliation and downfall in such a public arena. Today's allegations are staggering.

  2. Big Oprah interview tomorrow with Elizabeth. Looks like Oprah goes "there."


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