Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #106 -- By the Numbers


In May 2009, this humble blog will celebrate its third birthday. In honor of that auspicious event -- and because after more than 100 TT's, it's hard to come up with new ideas -- I am devoting this week's Thursday Thirteen to my online journal and clandestine window to the world.

1) My profile has been viewed 2,700 times.

2) This is my 1,968th post.

3) According to my own labels, the most oft-discussed topic here is baseball (205 posts).

4) The post that received the most comments (44) is Thursday Thirteen #56 -- 13 of my favorite products.

5) The Thursday Thirteen that got the fewest comments (1 is the loneliest number) is the Thirteen Best Supremes Songs.

6) In the last 20 days, the post that has received the most hits is "It was on again this morning," my tirade against killer/narcissist/faux-feminist Bette Broderick way back in 2006. Someone visited this page again on Wednesday, 4/29/09.

7) Likewise, the most popular keyword search that brings people to this blog is tied to "It was on again this morning." The keyword is "Linda Kolkena," one of Bette's victims. 85.3% of new visitors to my blog this past month have found it through Linda.

8) Some of the weirder keywords include: "shirtless photos of the Osmond Brothers" and "gal fucking dressed up." That last person must have been very disappointed when he arrived at my blog.

9) Of those who used search engines to find me, 86% used Google.

10) In an average day this blog receives 44 visitors.

11) 73% leave as soon as they arrived (5 seconds).

12) 78% of my readers are from the good old US of A.

13) But in I had one hit each from Finland, Taiwan, Italy, Brazil, Denmark, Peru, New Zealand, Belgium, Turkey, Croatia and Argentina. This makes me feel truly international.

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My latest obsession

Everyone in the world should go to LIVESTRONG.COM and sign up for The Daily Plate!

This terrific site helps you set your own calorie and fitness goals, based on your age/gender/weight. Then it gives you the tools you need to track your own diet. You enter not only what you eat each day, but also everything you do. It analyzes how many calories you take in vs. how many you burn, and gives you a breakdown on what you eat.

For example, Quaker was outside of the building this morning, distributing free samples of their Chocolately Drizzle Mini Delight rice cakes. I entered that yummy little bag onto my "plate" and found that the 90 calories, 4 grams of fat, 30 mg. of sodium, 14 grams of carbs, etc., were automatically credited to the day's plate.

It's easy, it's interesting (you burn on average 120 calories/30 minutes by changing your sheets), and really very helpful.