Friday, May 20, 2011


The family living in the one bedroom apartment next door (which is too small for three people) has a dog. And he is barking. I am concerned.

First, because dogs are forbidden in this building and if Puppy doesn't shut up, someone who isn't the dog lover I am will complain.

Second, because in a apartment that size, why is he barking unattended? Clearly no one is home. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to stand it. As it is, I'm worried that something is terrifying Puppy -- I can hear him run from one side of the living room to the other -- and it's not fair to leave him alone like that.

Third, it's too small an apartment for a dog to live in with a family. Not to mention that it's on the fourth floor of a building with no yard. I hope they're only dog-sitting this poor pup and that he doesn't have an unhappy, circumscribed life ahead of him.

It must be noted that I am the only one in this household concerned about Puppy. For not a one of my three cats can be bothered to pick up his/her head and even look in the direction of the noise. Apparently they haven't learned that dogs and cats are sworn enemies.