Sunday, October 03, 2010

Passage to adventure

Today my nephew and I celebrated his 11th birthday. In addition to a Harry Potter t-shirt and backpack, I got him a pair of passes to Safari Land, an indoor amusement not too far from his home. I included a gas card and a Visa giftcard so it won't cost his dad (or his mom or sister, whomever he convinces to take him) anything to spend the day with him. I can't wait to hear how their safari goes.

Our celebration itself was a little anti-climactic. Poor little guy was completely beat. He had such a big Saturday -- beginning with a soccer game, then a birthday lunch with his parents and my mom, and a sleepover with friends which found them singing and playing Beatle songs on WII Rock Band until after 3:00 -- that he actually snoozed for a while this afternoon after the sugar buzz from his cake wore off.