Friday, November 18, 2011


My coworker, the chocolate-covered spider, is just always absolutely right and I am just always absolutely wrong. It's not even 6:30 AM and I already have given up on the workday. I don't even want to get in the shower to get the day started because I know what today is going to be like.

It's my birthday season. The Cubs have a new manager. I don't have cancer. I should be dancing on air, but I'm not.

I really need to start taking my 1.5 week's worth of vacation days. My boss seems to think my presence is required but I'm not sure why. After all, I'm just always absolutely wrong.

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 2

Wednesday night, my theater-going bud Barb and I celebrated my Big Day with former Governor Ann Richards. Yes, she's dead, but Barb and I would never let anything that small get in our way.

We saw Ann, the one-woman play starring Holland Taylor, in its pre-Broadway run here in Chicago. I admired Gov. Richards (and wonder how different America would be if she had defeated W. in her bid re-election). It was very affectionate and entertaining, but perhaps a bit long -- or maybe it just seemed long because the theater was so warm I was actually getting drowsy!

She took me to dinner beforehand at Rosebud Prime, a steakhouse she frequents because she's friends with the piano player. Barb knows how I love a good slice o' meat and how appreciative I was of the huge hamper of Omaha Steaks she sent me as a get well gift.

We have been friends for more than 15 years. The older I get, the more I appreciate how lucky I am to have shared history with so many!