Monday, January 06, 2014

Hello, Gorgeous

Isn't this lovely? It's the view from the back windowpane, out onto the alley. Believe me, it's normally not a pretty view. But look how lovely it is when the windows are covered in ice. I want to remember this day when it's 90ยบ and hot and humid and everything is scorched and brown.

I don't recall this ever happening before

Today was called because of cold. I phoned the main switchboard and heard that the office would be closed today because of the extreme weather. Because it snowed so much last night, the trains are all messed up. Very grateful I don't have to go out in this.

As I write this, I've got Rey on my lap (making keystrokes difficult) and Joey beside me and Charlotte behind me. My heart aches for the strays who aren't as warm, dry and uncomfortable as these three felines.