Monday, September 14, 2015

He's so good it makes me sad

Christopher Reeve is indelibly etched into our national consciousness, first as Superman, and then as America's most inspirational disabled citizen. Those images are so powerful that it's easy to forget he had a career in between.

Right now I'm watching him in Death Trap, a lightweight murder mystery starring Michael Caine. Christopher Reeve is the best thing in it. Playing a character who couldn't be farther from the Man of Steel, he's savvy and graceful and perverse. It was a daring career choice for the man who personified "truth, justice and the American Way."

He so obviously loved acting. I wish he'd had the opportunity to do more. It's aching to think of how his life unfolded and ended.

With all due apologies to the Eagles ...

... I've got an unpeaceful, uneasy feeling.

Christine the Mole was warm and friendly today. (So unlike her.) Our department head, Mr. Big, was all anticipatory glee when he asked when my boss would be back from vacation. (Tomorrow.) And Katie, our team member who works remotely on site with our client downstate is suddenly coming up here "for a day or two." (Usually her trips are planned out in advance and have a definite agenda.)

Uh oh.

I fear that tomorrow it will become official and Christine the Mole will replace Long Tall Sally.

This is not good. She's petty. She's negative. She's political. And she's always so mired in the small stuff that she doesn't see the big picture, and we desperately need a big picture thinker.

Let's all fervently hope that I'm 100%, completely wrong on this.

I wish the Cubs were playing tonight. I need the distraction!

Who knew?

Because this weekend featured my favorite, FAVORITE weather -- 65ยบ and sunny -- I was going to take Reynaldo to the park. He likes the park, likes watching the plants and squirrels and people from the vantage point of his carrier. (I never let him out because there are always dogs there, too.) Being alert like that chills him out somewhat and helps alleviate the inevitable evening mano-a-feline conflicts.

But Sunday we did not enjoy our little adventure, as planned. When I did a little test run through the park, I discovered a festival going on. Chicagoland's Pagan community was having their annual event. There were incense and crystals, psychic readings, dissertations on prejudice and religious beliefs and a willingness to answer questions about their way of life. They were also doing a wonderful job of collecting canned good for local food pantries -- a cause that's near and dear to my heart.

I am very proud of the fact that they felt welcome in my hometown. We don't have a state religion in this country, and I'm old-school patriotic about that wise and brave stance.* I'm also secure in my Christianity and, while I'm humbled by and grateful for the guidance and comfort my faith reliably provides, I'm not threatened by those who don't worship as I do.

I was surprised that there was such a flourishing pagan community here in Chicagoland. Who knew?

*Especially when watching the burlesque that's going on with that Kentucky county clerk, who exhibits no respect for the heritage of the separation between Church and State.

September Challenge -- Days 12, 13 and 14

Day 12: The computer I use most is:

My MacBook Pro. It's more than 7 years old now and I worry that one day it's just going to go kaput on me. :( It's filthy because Joey loves to rub up against it. I can see fur under the keys and just know the slot for DVDs/CDs must be full of it. Yet he's 20, and I don't have the heart to refuse him anything his feline heart desires. So if he wants to cuddle on the warmth of this computer ...

Day 13: How did you spend your free time today?

Cubs baseball through my headphones as I walked to the other side of town. I got a pair of expensive but environmentally solid lightbulbs (because they last so long, I always forget how they cost -- almost $20 for 2!) at the hardware store and then stopped at the ice cream store for a scoop of cinnamon. The stores on this path tend to be mom and pops (though Starbucks and Subway are still represented) and I always enjoy the vibe. I should head over there more often.

Day 14: Were you stressed today? Why?

My day has barely started and I'm already stressed.  The Big Project and Christine the Mole. Sigh.

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