Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's just SNOW, people!

I admit I'm grumpy right now.

First of all, I'm taking tomorrow off for my annual checkup. I told everyone about this last week. I have a plan for getting all my work done -- nothing is falling through the cracks. I've got this, people! Just leave me alone and let me work and everything will be fine tomorrow in my absence, I promise.

Also, it just started to snow. We're supposed to have about 2" by evening rush. Yes, Mother Nature is making it inconvenient but 1) it's not really that bad if you take public transportation to work, which most everyone here does and 2) snow in Chicago in January is hardly newsworthy.

One of my coworkers, who lives within walking distance of the office, is really grating. First of all, a California girl, she really doesn't like snow. Then don't live here. Secondly, she's always been upset that I have a window and she doesn't. So when she just walks in here, unannounced, to look out my window at the (gasp!) snow, I'm annoyed. And when she makes a huge display of having to step over my brief case and my gym bag and my purse to get to the window, I want to scream. Sorry if I have set my office up for my convenience, not yours.

If I sound like a bitch, I apologize. It just feels good to take a moment to vent my voluminous spleen.