Monday, March 05, 2012


This week's challenge: Between 33 and 333 words from (and including) the third definition of the word:
1: generally used, applied, or accepted
2: vernacular

This was big -- her first client lunch back. The first time she had entertained out-of-town business associates since returning to the workforce after two years off with Rosemary.

She had done her homework. This restaurant, Altus, had received raves from Wine Spectator and Fodor’s, so if her guests Googled it, they would see that she had brought them to one of Chicago’s finest.  When she made the reservation she specifically requested a table with a view so her clients could watch the boats glide along Lake Michigan.

And, oh, the care that had gone into choosing today’s outfit! After considering everything in her closet, and in her best friend’s closet, she slipped into her black and beige linen sweater dress, topped with a (borrowed) textured beige jacket. Thank God her reliable black kitten heels still looked just right. The overall effect was understated quality, as though she dressed like this, lunched out like this, all the time.

She appeared poised and sounded confident. Like she belonged at that table, in this restaurant, with these people. So why was it that as she savored the Lobster Portuguese and sipped a 2006 California Chardonnay, she really wished she was having Spaghetti-o’s and apple juice with Rosie? It made her smile to think of the sturdy plastic play table where they lunched together at home. The bright purple, yellow and green would have looked vulgar in the refined atmosphere of Altus, but it was the perfect complement to the Dora the Explorer décor of their family room.


A new homeowner experience

I have to buy a new toilet. My handyman will pick it up for me and install it on Wednesday, March 14. I haven't ever shopped for a toilet and don't know that I care what I sit on.

But it is a learning experience. Toilets can be very inexpensive -- there are a variety that are less than $200! And the handyman won't charge me more than another $200. So while this is not an expense I planned for or welcome, I do have a slush fund for emergencies of this type and that will cover it.

In 2006, my adventures were with the ac and the refrigerator. Now it's the toilet. I am becoming a seasoned homeowner.