Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #226


Earlier this month I came upon this list, compiled by The Writers Guild of America, of TV's best-written shows. I didn't completely agree with it (I've never been able to stand Seinfeld, which ranked #2) but I found it interesting reading. After all, it's based on the scripting, not the cast or performances.

Last night, when I heard James Gandolfini of The Sopranos died, and last weekend, when I watched and thoroughly enjoyed a Friends marathon on TVLand, I remembered that those two shows made the list.

So here are 13 of my favorites from the list. In parens you'll see the Guild's ranking.
1) The Twilight Zone (#3)
2) M*A*S*H (#5)
3) The Mary Tyler Moore Show (#6)

4) Mad Men (#7)

5) The West Wing (#10)
I was once as obsessed with this as I am now with Mad Men

6) I Love Lucy (#12)

7) The Dick Van Dyke Show (#14)

8) The Daily Show (#17)

9) Friends (#24)

10) Saturday Night Live (#25)

11) Sex and the City (#39)

12) Fawlty Towers (#58)
My friend Mindy and I have been quoting this show for decades now. (My favorite: "I can spend the rest of my life having this conversation. Please try to understand before one of us dies!" Hers: "Don't. Mention. The. War.")


13) Moonlighting (#60)

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