Saturday, June 10, 2017

The (Bat)Man I Loved

Farewell to Adam West, the best Batman there ever was.

When I was a wee one, I believed the show straight up. I was obsessed with the Dynamic Duo's adventures each week and dutifully reported them to my uncle, who was fighting in Vietnam. My uncle so amused by my serious reportage that he kept the letters for decades. We found them among his papers after died six years ago. Thank you for giving Uncle Ted and me a little something to share over the miles, Batman.

With time, of course, I discovered it was camp and with each viewing, I appreciate Adam West's comedic timing more. He was fucking brilliant. With his passing, I hope MeTV does a marathon. I long to see The Batusi again!


Saturday 9

Saturday 9: C Is for Cookie

1) This week's featured artist, Cookie Monster says his favorite TV show is Monsterpiece Theater. What show do you try never to miss? This time of year, it's the Cubs. Len and JD feel like my best buddies. 

2) Though he goes by Cookie Monster professionally, he is still called Sid by his family. When will you next get together with your relatives? Next month. First, my nephew and I are going to see The Cubs vs. The Pirates at Wrigley Field. Then I visit my niece in Michigan.

3) Now for the cookie questions! Where do you weigh in on this age-old controversy: Is a brownie a cookie or a cake? I think of it as bakery, like a cupcake.

4) Fig Newtons contain no cholesterol. Do you read nutrition labels before eating snacks? Or does knowing the truth about your favorite sweets ruin your enjoyment? When I'm actually consuming the treat, I ignore the nutrition label. I do consider nutrition when comparison shopping at the grocery store.

5) Biscotti are designed for dipping into drinks. Do you like to dunk your cookies? Nope.

6) Do you prefer cookies made with milk chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips? Or are you a rebel who prefers butterscotch chips? All chips are good chips.

7) Bill Murray once said, "Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues." Do you like raisin cookies? Oatmeal/raisin? Yes. Good and good for you!
8) Nabisco still sells animal-shaped cookies in a red box that looks like a train car labeled, "Barnum's Animals." However Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus gave their last-ever performance on May 21, 2017. Have you ever been to the circus? I remember going when I was really little. I thought it was fun, but after I went to bed I heard my parents complaining about how tacky it all looked to them. That confused me.

9) Have you ever received a memorable fortune in a fortune cookie? Not that I can recall.

I don't care if never get back ....

Oh, Friday was a blissful day! The skies were Cubbie blue, there was a cool breeze and cold beer, and I was with good friends in my favorite place in the world.

How is Rizz only hitting .244?
We had great seats. Didn't miss a moment of the action. Unfortunately, my guys still haven't got it together yet. They left the bases loaded -- twice! The second time was, heartbreakingly, in the bottom of the 9th.

But you know, it was still a glorious day. My first time back since The World Series win. There's now a Park at Wrigley, right outside the field. It's a great, grassy little spot to enjoy your first beer of the day. Better yet, there's a big Cubs store that's worth a visit. Not for the merchandise -- you can get that stuff at any store on any corner in Chicago. Go to see the trophy case.

Many of the Cub greats donated their hardware. The heroes of my girlhood represented by their Gold Gloves and I even saw Greg Maddux' first Cy Young Award! It's a wonderful way to start the day, and it takes some of the sting out of going through a metal detector to watch a ballgame.

I am ambivalent about the amped up security. On the one hand, I'm grateful that they are taking the necessary precautions. On the other hand, I hate even thinking of terrorists trying to hurt me, my city, or my beloved old ballpark. My favorite place in the whole world.