Friday, January 21, 2011

The next best thing

They don't have a "Bring Your Cat to Work Day," which is a loss for everyone here because my Reynaldo really is an experience. And who couldn't use a little furry therapy during their workday?

In lieu of that, I have been visiting, a 24/7 live feed of two firefoxes at play at the Knoxville Zoo. Thanks to Mozilla for providing me with some seriously warm and fuzzy entertainment when I'm here at the office.

The firefoxes in question are Spark and Ember, shown here in their younger days. They're growing pretty fast, and right now I am looking at Spark's ass (he's not very camera savvy) as he wrestles with a tree branch. He's working hard to first subdue and then, I presume, eat it. His coat looks soooooo soft! His more tranquil sister, Ember, is napping on a perch in the corner.

To anyone walking by the office, it looks like I'm working ...