Friday, February 07, 2014

A mixed bag

Today Charlotte and I went to the vet. She was down to 5 lbs.! To put this in perspective, a year ago she weighed just over 7 lbs., so in the last 12 months she's lost 28% of her body weight!

The vet doesn't know what set her on this recent downward spiral and, frankly, he right now, he doesn't care. He looked at her pre-op bloodwork from last month and didn't see anything out of the ordinary except her thyroid. So he guesses that whatever is bedeviling her right now wouldn't have such a drastic impact if she hadn't been weakened by the hypothyroidism and weight loss.

So she got some intravenous fluids and an appetite stimulant. And boy, did that do the trick! She snarfed down the new, super rich "critical care" food the vet sent home with us. She also enjoyed some crunchy cat treats and licked my plate clean. The only thing she's not interested in is her standard kibble. Hopefully by Sunday or Monday, she'll be back to her old self.

And then she'll go back to the vet. He was worried that her blood pressure was elevated. Hopefully by her next visit either he will tell me it's back within the normal range, or he can figure out what's causing it to rise.

She hates going to the vet. I hate taking her. It's expensive and traumatic. So I hope we're almost done with this!