Monday, May 29, 2023

More than baseball and barbecue


Arlington Cemetery, 1963

Remembering our heroes today.

No joy in mudville

From the NY Post
It was a scary sixth inning. The Padres Fernando Tatis was scrambling back to first base. Anthony Rizzo bent down to get the ball out of the dirt and tag him. Tatis slammed into Rizz' head with his hip. My favorite ball player stumbled a bit, dropped his glove and fell to his knees. He left the game and, as per MLB protocol, checked for a concussion. 

It must be said, though, that his tag was successful and Tatis was out. So there's that.

Yankees twitter responded fast and made me smile.

Meanwhile, on the North Side, my Cubs had a rough afternoon. They lost 8-5 to the Reds. While this doesn't delight me, it was not unexpected. My nephew and his buds were in attendance. In true Cub fan fashion, they had a great time anyway. It's impossible for anyone in my family to have a bad time at Wrigley Field.