Sunday, April 05, 2015

Isn't she lovely?

All winter, Wrigley Field has been under construction. We've all heard rumors about the renovation, how drastic it would be, how after all the modernization the Friendly Confines won't be the same fabulous old girl we've all come to love.

Well, tonight the park was unveiled and all I can say is BAH! The bricks are covered with green ivy and the iconic, manually operated scoreboard remains. So it's still my Wrigley Field.

And so tonight it begins again. My Cubs are back and hope springs eternal. Maybe this year will be THE YEAR!

Who's a Good Girl?

Connie is a good girl!

We went to the vet yesterday, only our second trip in her 10 months living here. I didn't know how she'd be, either in transit or at the office. But she did fine. She's healthy enough -- her eye has cleared up nicely, her heart and lungs are good. Her gums are a bit bloody, though. The vet suggests that might be residual damage from the bad diet she endured at her previous home with a hoarder in Indiana.

Thinking about the condition she was in when she was arrived at the local shelter here -- emaciated, pregnant, with light sensitive eyes because of FVR -- makes me proud and happy that I'm able to give her the stable life she deserves.

Happy Easter

It's such a holy time of year. Passover ... Good Friday ... Easter.  I was preoccupied this morning with thoughts of freedom, faith, and love. It seemed so fitting that it was cloudy when I went into church but then was greeted by sunny blue skies when I emerged.

Just a coupla chicks, sitting around and talking

I met my niece for lunch at Olive Garden, my mother/her grandmother's favorite restaurant. It was the first time either of us had been back since she passed in Autumn, 2012. We agreed it was a nice way to think of her this Easter.

She told me about her impending breakup with her boyfriend. They're still living together, but it's platonic and only until she can get her own place.

As her college years grind to an end, she told me about her career aspirations. I'm jealous of her optimism and ambition. She isn't sure if she wants to stay in Michigan -- which she thinks is so beautiful with its lakes and beaches -- or come back here because it's home. And because there are so many more professional opportunities here.

She told me that she just discovered Friends on Netflix and is totally into it. Her favorite is Chandler. I think this is great.

I love her so much and really enjoyed the one-on-one time with her.

Well, it's advertising

This past week was tough at work. Three people from our team were let go. The official reason was the "aggregate." One of our clients (not the account we work on) was supposed to be involved in a merger, but it turned out to be a takeover, leaving our agency without billing.

I don't believe that's why one of the three was let go. Crazy smart, he was rumored to have a drinking problem. I suspect the agency used the layoffs as an excuse to rid themselves of a headache.

I'll never know, though. It's advertising. This happens all the time. I'm grateful that I have retained enough humanity to still be shocked.

Sunday Stealing

The More Or Less Meme

3 (or more, or less!) things... 

1. cannot live without.  Cable, internet, books

2. CAN live without, but cannot seem to part with. iPod, Farmville 2, and ice cream

3. wish to accomplish this COMING week.  Pick up Connie the Cat's prescription, return to the gym, begin The Big Project at work

4. have accomplished this PAST week.  Paid bills, stayed within my budget, got my heavy winter coat cleaned and put away until next year

5. ...on your holiday (or non-holiday) 'wish list.' New headphones, a portable DVD player (before they stop making them) and a new phone

6. would like to change about yourself.  Reduce my waist, be healthier, be more patient

7. like about yourself. I'm smart, loyal and funny

8. should be doing right now instead of what you ARE doing. Scrubbing the tub, putting away my winter clothes, dusting

9. your life that could use a little more organization. My finances, my refrigerator, my wallet