Friday, March 19, 2021

Saturday 9


Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, John Legend sings that both he and his girl have "room to grow." What about you? In what areas would you like to improve? I procrastinate. For example, why am I writing this blog post now, when I have so much work to do? I have a Monday deadline, will be working all weekend, and here I am, listening to John Legend and sharing my thoughts on a completely unrelated topic. Silly, Gal. What do you bet that by Sunday night I wish I had this time back and was able to redirect it to my project?

2) He sings that when he hangs up in anger, she calls him back. Are you quicker to anger, or quicker to forgive? I do both pretty fast. But while I am quick to forgive, I seldom forget.

3) "Ordinary People" was John Legend's first big hit. He originally wrote it for The Black Eyed Peas, but -- happily for him -- recorded it himself. Have you ever purchased a gift for someone else but then decided to keep it yourself? Yes. More than once I bought earrings for my niece and then when I got them home, decided they were mine.
4) Ordinary People is also the title of an acclaimed novel by Judith Guest and an Oscar-winning film. Are you familiar with either the movie or the book? Familiar with them both, recommend them both, love them both. Since it's Oscar season ... there's a popular debate among movie lovers: how could the 1980 Best Picture Award have gone to Ordinary People instead of the more ambitious Raging Bull? Well, I've never been a boxer, but I was once an unhappy teenager growing up in a complicated family in a Chicago suburb, and I assure you: Ordinary People is a great film.

5) John is married to Chrissy Teigen, who gained fame as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. When is the last time you dove in? Were you in a pool, lake, river or sea? Answering this question makes me realize I never swam in 2020. I think that's the first year of my entire life I can say that! I bet even as a baby my mom held me as I splashed in the lake we always went to. ANYWAY, to answer to the question, I'm sure it was Christmastime, 2019, in a pool in Key West.

6) John unexpectedly proposed to Chrissy on vacation, but he was afraid airport security would ruin the surprise when they went through his carry on very thoroughly. He worried she would see the ring box and he'd have to drop down to one knee right there at the airport! Tell us about one of your flights: your first, your most recent or your most memorable. My first flight was ORD to FLL. I was 16. My uncle had moved to Fort Lauderdale, and invited me and my cousin (his daughter) to visit. My cousin was only 13 but had already flown often. Anyway, I remember boarding the plane slowly, hesitantly, with the handle of tennis racket in the small of my back. It was her way of saying, "Stay steady, Gal."

7) John is currently a coach on The Voice. The other coaches are Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. Of those four singers, which is your favorite? Kelly! I haven't seen her daytime talk show. Does she open by singing instead of telling jokes?

The Roosevelt's rooftop is very cool
In 2005, when this song was popular, Johnny Carson died. After he retired from The Tonight Show in 1993, he traveled extensively and discovered he especially enjoyed photographic safaris in Africa. If time and money were no object, where would you go on vacation? I hope there's a 2022 TCM Film Festival. I'd fly to Hollywood first class, arriving several days early. I'd get in a limo and arrive at the glamorous and venerable Roosevelt and set up camp (a most luxurious camp!). I'd spend the time beforehand sightseeing and catching up with fellow movie fans I met at the 2019 Festival and have kept up with via Facebook. Then I'd love every moment of the four-day fest and stay a few days after. I'd invite my oldest friend, living in the southern California, to visit me and stay in splendor at the Roosevelt. In short, it would be 10 days of living like I want, doing what I want, without any concern for the cost.

9) Random question -- In your typical day, what's the longest you usually go without saying a word to another person: all day, a few hours, an hour, or five minutes? I'm pretty blabby, so under normal circumstances I'd say "an hour." But with covid and work from home, I've probably gone all day without speaking to another person.