Sunday, March 04, 2018

See it!

If I was voting for tonight's Oscars, Saoirse Ronan would get a gold guy tonight. She's idealistic, selfish, shallow, dreamy, yearning ... She plays every high school girl I ever knew, including me. She's the opposite of Frances McDormand in Three Billboards. Mildred Hayes is a ball of rage I hope never to encounter, Lady Bird is who every girl sees when she looks in the mirror.

Just in time for Oscar, Lady Bird is available OnDemand. Do yourself a favor: rent it and enjoy it.

BTW, even though I think Allison Janney should and will win Best Supporting Actress, if I was a voter I'd vote for Laurie Metcalf, who played Lady Bird's mother. She does a lovely and loving job. Also, Metcalf is a Chicago girl. And I think if she won, it would annoy Roseanne Barr. (I hate Roseanne Barr.) The Roseanne reboot is airing soon, and I get a kick out thinking how Roseanne's kid sister Jackie would be the one with "award winning actress" before her name. (No, really. I hate Roseanne Barr.)